Marco Virgolin

Marco Virgolin

Junior Researcher on Explainable AI and Evolutionary Machine Learning

Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica


Marco Virgolin is a junior researcher (tenure track) at Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI), the Dutch national center of mathematics and computer science. He works on eXplainable AI (XAI), most notably by means of Evolutionary Machine Learning methods such as Genetic Programming for Symbolic Regression. He is also interested in medical applications of machine learning, conversational AI, and human-machine interaction.

Before CWI, Marco was a postdoc with Mattias Wahde at Chalmers University of Technology, a PhD student with Peter A. N. Bosman and Tanja Alderliesten at Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica, and a master student with Alberto Bartoli and Eric Medvet at the Machine Learning Lab of the University of Trieste.

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  • (Explainable) Artificial Intelligence
  • Evolutionary Computation
  • Human-Machine Interaction
  • Medical Applications of AI
  • Postdoc, 2021

    Chalmers University of Technology

  • PhD in Evolutionary Machine Learning, 2020

    Delft University of Technology

  • MEng in Computer Engineering, 2015

    University of Trieste

  • BSc in Information Engineering, 2012

    University of Trieste


My main research interest are two Es of Machine Learning (ML): Explainable- and Evolutionary-ML.

Explainable ML concerns (i) explaining the behavior of normally opaque or black-box ML models; and (ii) algorithms capable of generating interpretable ML models. Understanding why an ML model behaves the way it does can provide important insights on the problem at hand as well as trust to use it in sensitive applications (e.g., cancer treatment).

Evolutionary ML uses evolutionary computation (my main expertise is Genetic Programming) to generate ML models directly, or in synergy with other ML techniques.

I am also interested in human-machine interaction and in medical applications of ML.

My research work encompasses these themes. Please take a look at my Google Scholar and Research Gate pages.


No active teaching at the moment